Vinai Kopp

Magento Expert, Developer & Trainer

Magento Training

“Getting to know developers in different teams is great!”

“Our Magento development team at AOE had the chance to do a training with Vinai twice in the last couple of years.
Both trainings were eye-opening and made the penny drop for the everybody in our team.”
Fabrizio Branca
Lead Developer, AOE Media

Magento Training

Looking for building your Magento development expertise? Contact me!

Topics range from introduction into Magento development, over catalog and checkout customization, integration of third party services all the way to TDD and automated testing with Magento.

I will train your team in your facilities. Class sizes can be anything up to 16 people. Classes for larger trams can be arranged, too.

Please contact me so we can arrange the details and discuss pricing.

Open Trainings

Most of the trainings I do are inhouse trainings. However, most of the Fundamentals of Magento Development Trainings offered by Magento U in Europe are also lead by me.

Another option is to to invite selected partners to an inhouse training.

Please have a look at the about page for why to choose me for your trainings.