Vinai Kopp

Magento Expert, Developer & Trainer

“More than 15 years of code experience are the base for professional e-commerce development and consulting – with a strong focus on the Magento ecosystem.”

“Navipartner had the pleasure of a 3 week customized training course by Vinai Kopp. It brought the whole team to a new level in Magento programming. Our only regret is we didn’t do it much earlier.
His knowledge in Magento (and programming in general) is very impressive and his ability to share and communicate his knowledge is even more impressive. Vinai is a natural talent when it comes to teaching at all levels. I can highly recommend Vinai Kopp.”
Niels Barlach
CTO Navipartner


Need help or mentoring with a specific problem?

A board range of experience in web development in general and also specifically Magento enables me to create solutions that work.

My methodology follows the steps

  1. Collect business requirements.
  2. Plan the technical architecture for the solution using the business goals.
  3. Create the solution using proven design patterns and TDD.
  4. After a thorough client review, deploy the solution.

Performance Analysis

Often solutions that work fine in the development environment don’t scale in production.

I can help you pinpoint the issues and provide solutions that make your store as fast as needed.

The end result of a performance analysis is a document listing of all issues in detail, including explanations why the issue is causing problems, and possible solutions.

Code Review

Unsure if the customizations really where developed using best practices and with upgrade-ability and compatibility in mind?

An independent code review can help you to very if such issues exist.

The analysis report will include a detailed list of any issues found, including information on why something might not be according to best practices and also contain instructions on how to do it better.