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  • Magento 2 Repositories, Interfaces and the Web API

    February 18, 2017

    Magento 2 Repositories

    Magento 2 introduced repositories for most of the core entities like products, orders, customers and so on.
    Often I hear the question “Why?”. That is a very good question. What do repositories offer that Magento 1 style collections can’t?

    This blog post would like to explain the reasons why or why not you would want to create repositories for your custom entities, and hopefully show how create them if you come to the conclusion that they make sense.

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  • 13. The Event Observer Kata

    July 8, 2016


    Since one of the goals of the Mage2Katas series is to spread the knowledge how cover most common Magento 2 development tasks with tests, event observers should be getting an episode, too.
    Many Magento 1 Developers are very familiar with observers, so naturally they will want to use them to solve problems in Magento 2 as well.
    In Magento 2 plugins have taken the place of most event observers, but they still exist and are officially supported.

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  • 12. The API Integration Kata

    July 2, 2016


    Almost every Magento instance uses some Web APIs, which means that we developers have to create some code that sends requests and reads responses to those web APIs. How to test such integrations is a frequently asked question.
    The types of APIs vary wildly, some are old-school RPC style APIs, some use SOAP, more recent ones mostly use REST - from a testing perspective it doesn’t make a huge difference.
    For the kata we will integrate with a very simple example REST API that provides a list of short names for a given first name.

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  • 11. The Custom Config File Edge2Edge Test Kata

    June 17, 2016


    In this episode we are going to round up and finish the custom config file mini-series. We are going to do that by adding 2 more tests, and these tests will cover the whole process of using our custom config file from beginning to end.
    We are going to use the code in the same way it is going to be used in the real application. And if you where following along the series, then these tests will actually expose a bug we that still is present in the current configuration. This illustrates nicely how important it is to have edge to edge tests.

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