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  • Mauritius Navipartner Training

    May 6, 2014

    Recently I was fortunate enough to be booked for a 3 week training for the Magento developer team of Navipartner in Mauritius. The company Navipartner itself is based in Denmark, but most of the Magento development team is based on this great island.

    It was a really lovely experience. The training started the day after I arrived, so me and my family who accompanied me for a while had time to settle in. I was received warmly.

    Never have I given a training that long. Usually trainings are a between 2 to 5 days, so 3 weeks made for a new experience. But guess what - at the end we where running out of time. To be honest, the training could have been twice the length without running out of content :)
    I believe it will pay off that the schedule had room for more exercises and details then the average training.

    Besides having a lovely time and fun during “work”, there where many things that made the whole experience very special.

    • Going for a swim in the ocean after work each day
    • BBQ with the team, followed by a Just Dance session (guess what my daughter now got for a birthday present)
    • Cart driving with all employees
    • Homemade danish breakfast
    • Snorkling with dolphins before work
    • Gratifying hiking
    • Attending an original Maurician ball (followed by Sunset Beach)
    • Being invited to an original Indian wedding

    But mostly getting to know the people. Thank you all for an awesome time.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you again!

    Swimming with dopphins

    Half of the team watching the other half cart racing

    Friendship is magical


    Hiking in paradise