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  • Magento 2 Developer Certification Exam Writing Workshop

    February 6, 2018

    The M2 Developer Certification is coming!

    Last week I was able to travel to London to attend a certification exam writing workshop by Magento.

    The Magento 2 developer certification is something I’ve heard many developers wonder about since M2 was released.

    This post is a summary of my impressions and thoughts. (and nope, no spoilers!)

    The idea of the Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer certification is that a developer with 1 and a half years of experience should be able to pass it.

    Magento also has announced an Associate Developer Certification, which is targeted at developers without Magento experience, but who successfully participarted in a Magento U Fundamentals training.

    The certification has been announced for March, and at the same time a list of topics covered by the exam will be published as a study guide.

    So, last week 9 developers, myself, and the new Magento Certification Director Peter Manijak serving as our facilitator gathered in London to sit together from 9 to 5:30, writing questions.

    It was intense, but it also was a great experience. Each question was reviewed. Developers are opinionated, so it could be tough if a question one had spent a couple of hours on was criticised and challenged during the review. Kudos to everyone for staying cool and professional.

    I personally enjoy a good discussion on technical topics, even if it gets a little heated.
    For example, we nerded out about the consequences of making dependencies explicit vs. declaring only an interface dependency, even if that interface does not contain all required methods. Thank you everybody who participated, this kind of discussion is something I would like to have more of.

    One thing I find sad is that no female developers where part of the group, even though we have such excellent ones within our ecosystem.
    I don’t think it would have made a difference from a technical perspective, I simply would have liked the group to be more balanced.
    I realize that it is a general problem in our industry, too few women are in senior lead developer positions.
    When the next exams are being written, I hope the situation will be different!

    To finish, I say thank you Magento for the opportunity to be part of the exam writing workshop.
    After the Magento 1 developer certification became available, the overall quality of Magento 1 development got better, even if the exam itself was far from perfect.
    I hope this exam will have the same effect on our community.

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